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Skin and hair care.

White clay, also called kaolin, is rich in silica. Its name comes from the Chinese city of Kao-Ling (land of high hills), where it was discovered. 


Skin type: 

  • Delicate and sensitive skin
  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Skin prone to discomfort

Need: Restorative & Softening

Key Ingredients:  White Clay Powder

Texture: Powder

Usage: Once a week.

What is this ?

The clay participates in the remineralization and detoxification of the skin. 

Sedimentary clay rich in silica and low concentration of mineral saltsand is one of the least adsorbent and most hydrated clays. It is preferably used as a mask suitable for dry and sensitive skin.


White clay has been known and used for a very long time: Paleolithic healers already healed with clays and muds. 

Superfine White Clay

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