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La Fusion Entre Science et Nature


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Chief Formulator & Founder

Armela Shiba


Armela Shiba, the visionary behind Ar's Herbio, is an expert in both cosmetology and cancer research. Her profound knowledge and experience in these fields inspired her to create a skincare brand that prioritises safety and natural ingredients, ensuring that everyone can use skincare products without worry. With a focus on plant-based ingredients, every product is meticulously researched and crafted by hand.

Ar's Herbio, is the perfect fusion of science and nature.

At Ar's Herbio, our commitment to personalised care transcends the ordinary. We are dedicated to providing our customers with tailor-made solutions that precisely address their unique needs. Our mission is to promote well-being through exceptional formulas that combine efficacy, skin compatibility, and environmental preservation.

We are passionate advocates of natural and sustainable beauty. Each product we offer is meticulously crafted to deliver an authentic skincare experience. Join us in our quest for beauty that surpasses standards, combining effectiveness with ethics.

At Ar's Herbio, the quality of our products and our commitment to responsible beauty define our essence. Explore our exclusive range and discover how we can accompany you on your journey towards truly personalized and sustainable beauty.

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